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Monday, July 4, 2011

Celestial Musings

Happy Fourth, Everybody!

So I dunno about you guys, but my favorite thing to do on a holiday weekend is a project. I am happy as a clam with Star Trek NG on the TV to listen to (and occasionally look up at and watch during the good parts.) My puppy dogs are also keeping me company, as is Norm in between his own putzing about the house.
So here's what I've got done so far. This is the awning/fly that goes to our pavilion. The pavilion is being sold (we already have a buyer lined up) but I'm keeping the awning. It'll attach to the side of the vardo and provide shade and an outdoor dining/kitchen area for us.

In keeping with my love of celestial themes I've painted the dagging blue and am stenciling suns and moons on the dags:
To continue the Celestial theme, I've resurrected a couple of candle holders that I bought back in the early 90's. I never did like the color (sort of patina green) so I've taken the candle parts off and painted them:

Each of these will be affixed to the top of one of the awning's support poles.

That's all for today, enjoy your holiday!

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