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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love Ebay!

Lookee what's going to be coming in the mail for me!
A hammered copper sink for $45!
These sort of sinks usually run about $125-$160. I won the auction at $25, and there's $20 shipping. I'm so psyched! I think this sink dropped into a cobalt-tiled counter would be beautiful. I also have a line on the most gorgeous decorative tiles..Earth Song Tiles. They're all so beautiful, it's hard to pick. But I've always been a sucker for celestial themes, so I thought cobalt blue tile with a few of their miniature sun and moon style tiles scattered randomly throughout, and one each of the big versions of the sun and moon:

 I would probably choose a gold-ish glaze for them, within a cobalt blue field of regular plain tiles. These tiles aren't cheap, so I'm using a few for accent and going economy with the plain ones. It'll cost me about $130 for two of the big tiles and six of the small ones. That should be enough for the vanity surround, and not break the bank.

 So Norm and Ian and I went to our big local camping event, the Quest for Wit and Wisdom in Neshanic, NJ. As usual, it was a blast. We didn't camp this year- we day-tripped. Mostly because we're throwing all our resources into this vardo thing, and we've basically got this 'we're not camping on the ground again!' mentality. Also, we had stuff to do on Saturday, so there you go.

Interestingly, the vardo thing seems to have infiltrated my local SCAdian group like a quiet virus. I didn't realize how many people were thinking of doing one until I talked to some friends who are in construction and one of them told me he was going to make one for somebody else. (I hadn't asked him to do mine originally simply because he's based in Philadelphia, which is pretty far from us.) There was actually a wagon present at the site, although it was a small affair, and I don't think it had any furnishings inside. It looked more like a place to toss your stuff and crash. Or maybe it was just messy. I don't know, I only saw it from a distance, and through the open door all you saw was garb strewn everywhere.

One of the best things that happened all weekend is we got a line on selling our pavilion when we're ready. Woo! The people are friends so I'm giving them a good price, and it'll go to a good home. Everybody will make out well. That's a load off my mind, I was worried we'd have to drag it to Pennsic and try and sell it there.

Construction Progress Update:
So, I met with Lars last week and gave him the windows. During our discussion over a couple plates of really good sushi, I learned that he's accomplished the following:
1. Trailer Gate Removed (a real sonufabitch, apparently, it didn't want to come off.)
2. The place where the door will be needed to have a gap cut in the trailer side rail to accomodate it. This has been done.
3. Flooring laid down.

No pictures yet, because I told him to send me one when he got a skeleton going on the thing. When I get that, I'll post it.


  1. Do you have ANY idea how completely JEALOUS I am about all of this??? I would love a wagon to camp in! Of course, I'd also like a cute husband who was as into the SCA as I am... :) That sink is beautiful.


  2. Well, when it's done you get a V.I.P. tour. Come to Silver Channel at Pennsic and god/dess willing, it'll be there. Maybe not entirely complete inside yet, though. Depends on time/money stuff.

    Can't do anything about the cute SCA-Hub, don't even know how I got so damned lucky with mine. If I see anything with potential, I'll let you know!!